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  • Nov 01, 2022
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DC fix Wooden films

DC fix Wooden films supplier in Delhi

What are Decorative Films?

Decorative self-adhesive films are significantly in demand currently. they're being most popular by individuals across the globe because of its problem free procedure. they'll simply unclothed and stuck onto the surfaces. These ornamental films are available in numerous shapes, sizes vogues} to fit your style. Renovating your homes and workplace areas haven't been therefore convenient, you'll currently quickly adorn your house and provides them an aesthetic and classy look while not hiring professionals.

DC Fix Wooden Films

DC Fix picket films are ornamental self-adhesive films which will be simply stuck onto the surfaces. they're on the market in a very big selection of styles and hues. These picket films are terribly reasonable and simple to use and needs marginal efforts. The DC fix picket films provide you with the planning and feel of the lavish picket work. Such films are self-adhesive, i.e you straightforward need to peel it from the rear portion and stick it onto the walls, doors, tables etc. The procedure is totally problem free, you are doing not need a great deal of man power and time. it's a price effective method to quickly renovate or adorn your homes and offices.

DC Fix Interior Films

DC fix interior films are a set of gorgeous and ornamental self-adhesive films that are like stickers. they're wide accustomed renovate your homes and offices. DC fix interior films have created the method of decorating your house easier. These are ornamental stickers which will be simply stuck onto the surfaces to cover damages, renovate your recent house, and adorn your homes and industrial places. DC fix interior films are terribly convenient and problem free. they're on the market in numerous distinctive and exquisite styles, you'll choose between a spread of films that most accurately fits your category and magnificence.


DC Fix Decorative Glass Door Films

DC fix ornamental glass door films are being employed worldwide, they supply privacy and act as a divider in between. they're largely employed in bogs and bedrooms. These films are utterly opaque. you just apply them like stickers. One must peel off and apply onto the glass surface, it's a problem free procedure and doesn't need any skilled. they furnish a brand new look to your glass thereby providing complete privacy at an equivalent time. during this manner you simply renovate your house by giving your glass doors and dividers and trend. Get a opaque and incised look simply with DC fix ornamental glass door films.

DC Fix Decorative Glass Film Designs

DC Fix ornamental glass film styles are available in numerous shapes and sizes. they're on the market in a very big selection of distinctive styles to settle on from, you'll choose those that most accurately fits your vogue. These ornamental glass film styles are applied onto any of the glass surfaces to form them opaque and exquisite. DC fix ornamental glass film styles look terribly stunning and classy, they furnish a opaque and incised look and feel. you create your glass doors and windows look very stylish at an equivalent time interference unwanted read.

Mirror d-c-fix

d-c-fix prime quality Sticky Back Plastic may be a Vinyl Wrap Film for piece of furniture & Door Renovation / Decoration

d-c-fix antimonial sticky back plastic styles ar premium quality and provides piece of furniture or accessories a classy end, will be used on shelf edges or drawer fronts for instance.

Metallics will offer your piece of furniture or room a high finish look, on the market in each matt and shiny finishes, it’s the most well liked trend around!

d-c-fix is simple to use with an occasional tac adhesion on application, that the film will be repositioned if you’re not happy, air bubbles will be pushed out with a drum sander to the sting. The film will be wrapped around doors or use a craft knife to trim at the sting. Leave to bond for twenty-four hours and after you fancy a modification, it’s absolutely removable too.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Measure & cut to size (use grid on backing paper)
  • Can be applied to any flat surface
  • Use water on smooth surfaces like glass & appliances (aids application)
  • Repositionable during application (due to a water-based adhesive)
  • Use a d-c-fix application kit contains craft knife & smoother (sold separately)
  • A hairdryer can be used on curved surfaces (heat softens the vinyl)
  • Bonds in 24 hours
  • Wipe clean (regular household cleaners are fine)
  • Heat resistant to 75°C (hot plates & cups will not damage the vinyl, but use worktop savers for hot pans)
  • Fully removable (use a hairdryer for easy removal and soapy water for any adhesive residue leftover)


Q. Can you use DC fix on walls?

A. Yes! The perfect strategy for a new look in the bathroom is d-c-fix® ceramics wall coverings, which are available in many beautiful, high-quality designs! d-c-fix® ceramics looks like real tiles, is wA.onderfully robust – and can be easily applied like wallpaper!

Q. Does DC fix stick to walls?

A. The self-adhesive back means you simply stick them on the wall. The tiles are made of vinyl and can be adapted individually to the right size using a cutter knife, e.g., to get around sockets. The two-sided backing film seals the joints, preventing water from penetrating.

Q. Can you put sticky back plastic on walls?

A. The product can be applied to walls, but this all depends on the condition of the wall, the adhesive bonds to whichever surface it's applied to.

Q. Can you put peel and stick vinyl on walls?

A. While self-stick vinyl tile is generally used on floors, you can use it to dress up a wall in most rooms and enhance your home decor. Just keep in mind that the joints in between the tiles aren't waterproof, making the vinyl tiles a poor choice for bathrooms and other areas with moisture.

Q. Do peel-and-stick tiles ruin walls?

A. Peel and stick backsplash tiles are easy to install on any clean and smooth surface, like ceramic tiles or glass tiles backsplash, and can be removed at the end of your lease with little to no damage to the wall.

Q. Do you need primer for peel and stick tile?

A. Because most peel-and-stick tiles are flexible, bumps, holes or gaps will show through the floor. A smooth, clean surface that is primed ensures the adhesive on the back of the tiles forms a good bond that won't fail or cause tiles to lift or bend.

Q. Do peel and stick wall tiles last?

A. How Long Does Peel and Stick backsplash Tile Last? We've seen high-quality peel and stick kitchen backsplash tiles last over 10 years in certain situations. When the backsplash reaches that age, it becomes brittle and more prone to breaking and chipping. So getting any longer than that is challenging.

Q. Will vinyl stick to drywall?

A. Graphic vinyl decals work best on any smooth hard surfaces, such as glass, plastic, finished wood surfaces, metal, plexi-glass, fiberglass, doors and painted walls. This product is not recommended for use on unfinished walls or drywall, brick or rough surfaces like cement.

Q. What can you use DC fix on?

A. With d-c-fix® adhesive foils and window films, we have the perfect solution for customizing your furniture, home furnishings, windows and other glass surfaces. And d-c-fix® adheres to any surface – it even uses static to stick to glass – and can be easily removed anytime.

Q. Is DC fix heat resistant?

A. Product Information

D-C-Fix sticky back plastic is heat resistant up to 75°C, waterproof and can easily be wiped clean. When you fancy a change simply peel back the film and remove any residue using warm soapy water.

Q. Does window film stick to wood?

A. This means that they can typically be applied to a greater variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, wood and plastic.

Q. Will vinyl wrap stick to wood?

AYou can't apply a vinyl wrap to a wooden item like a table or chest of drawers with rough and untreated wood as the vinyl wrap simply won't stay stuck down.


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