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These are awesome presentation by "d-c-fix®".

DC Decorative Self-Adhesive Interior Films

What are Decorative Films?

Decorative self-adhesive films are very much in demand these days. They are being preferred by people across the world due to its hassle free procedure. They can easily peeled and stuck onto the surfaces. These decorative films come in various shapes, sizes and designs to suit your style. Renovating your homes and office spaces have never been so convenient, you can now quickly decorate your space and give them a classy and stylish look without hiring professionals.

DC Fix Wooden Films

DC Fix wooden films are decorative self-adhesive films that can be easily stuck onto the surfaces. They are available in a wide range of designs and colours. These wooden films are very affordable and easy to apply and requires minimal efforts. The DC fix wooden films give you the look and feel of the lavish wooden work. Such films are self-adhesive, i.e you simple have to peel it from the back portion and stick it onto the walls, doors, tables etc. The procedure is completely hassle free, you do not require a lot of man power and time. It is a cost effective process to quickly renovate or decorate your homes and offices.

DC Fix Interior Films

DC fix interior films are a collection of beautiful and decorative self-adhesive films that are like stickers. They are widely used to renovate your homes and offices. DC fix interior films have made the process of decorating your space easier. These are decorative stickers that can be easily stuck onto the surfaces to hide damages, renovate your old space, and decorate your homes and commercial places. DC fix interior films are very convenient and hassle free. They are available in various unique and beautiful designs, you can choose from a variety of films that best suits your class and style.

DC Fix Decorative Glass Door Films

DC fix decorative glass door films are being used worldwide, they provide privacy and act as a divider in between. They are mostly used in bathrooms and bedrooms. These films are completely opaque. You simply apply them like stickers. One has to peel off and apply onto the glass surface, it is a hassle free procedure and does not require any professional. They give a new look to your glass thereby providing complete privacy at the same time. In this way you easily renovate your space by giving your glass doors and dividers and new look. Get a frosted and etched look easily with DC fix decorative glass door films.

DC Fix Decorative Glass Film Designs

DC Fix decorative glass film designs come in various shapes and sizes. They are available in a wide range of unique designs to choose from, you can select the ones that best suits your style. These decorative glass film designs are applied onto any of the glass surfaces to make them opaque and beautiful. DC fix decorative glass film designs look very beautiful and stylish, they give a frosted and etched look and feel. You make your glass doors and windows look extremely classy at the same time blocking unwanted view.