45CM *15m

45cm x 1.5m BLOSSOM premium static cling vinyl window privacy film

dc fix static cling frosted or patterned window film designs are a popular DIY solution for adding privacy or décor to over-looked windows, doors and shower screens, with minimum cost, ease of application and no more dusty blinds! High Quality dc fix is our preferred brand of vinyl film due to its 5* rating for static cling adhesion, opacity, lightfastness, shrinkage and durability. Functional A hygienic, dust-free alternative to traditional window dressings, static cling window films provide privacy, 95% UV protection (to help prevent fading of soft furnishings) and reduce glare but still allow the light in. Ideal for small or awkward shaped windows. Application Quick and easy to apply to clean, smooth, flat glass surfaces. Simply spray the glass with plenty of water, remove the backing paper and smooth into position, pushing the excess water out to the sides. If you make a mistake, peel back and start again. The water will dry out leaving a flawless finish. Non Permanent & Re-usable Static cling window films are a non-permanent DIY solution for creating privacy and decoration for over-looked windows, glass doors and shower screens . Perfect for home owners, tenants or landlords looking for a quick, easy and affordable window solution. No glue means the film simply pulls away from the glass leaving no residue and can even be re-used! Easy Care Wipe clean with a regular household cleaner. Peace of mind Product is well protected and delivered in a strong postal tube or box to avoid damage during transit. We recommend using a dc fix premium application kit containing a water bottle, scalpel and smoothing tool to make the job easier When measuring, leave a 2mm gap around each edge of the film to ensure it doesn’t overlap onto the window seals and maintains 100% contact with the glass for full adhesion Spray plenty of water onto the glass, really soak it and even over the vinyl to give the best result, use a squeegee or smoother to remove any excess water Follow our ‘How to Apply’ guide for best application method



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