67.5CM *15m

Self-adhesive stained glass is used in many areas of human activity. The use of unusual and original, multi-colored glass can radically change the interior of the room, transform it, make it brighter and more comfortable. Colored self-adhesive film is used:

  • for the manufacture of outdoor advertising;
  • in interior design;
  • for the transformation of vehicles;
  • for the modernization and stylization of various devices and for other purposes.

 This product is distinguished not only by its beautiful and aesthetic appearance, but also by its positive properties. Among the main advantages of the material, the following points can be noted:

  • self-adhesive stained glass increases the strength of the glass itself (even with mechanical damage, the glass will be held in the frame if the film is glued on both sides);
  • protects the surface from scratches and other damage;
  • self-adhesive stained glass film protects from direct ultraviolet rays (thanks to this, furniture, wall covering, etc. will not fade in the room);
  • ease of use;
  • durability;

    For the owners of our self-adhesive, we have prepared a couple of useful tips when working with self-adhesive decorative film ..
Before starting work, you need to clean the surface of grease, dirt, dust, wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Degrease the base with dishwashing liquid if required. Polished, lacquered, painted surfaces are ideal for gluing with foil. Cover clean boards or plywood with polyester or primer varnish. Treat cracked and uneven surfaces with wood filler and sand with sandpaper, then coat this surface with an acrylic-based primer so that the glued film adheres well.
Tip: Lightly moisten glass, metal, plastic and other smooth surfaces with a solution of water and detergent.
Sticking... On the back of the film, on paper, there is a step-by-step guide to working with the film. To do this, separate the paper from the film by about 4-5 cm, apply the film to the surface and glue the separated edge. Next, evenly and slowly pull the paper with one hand from the remaining film. In this case, with the other hand, you need to smooth the film with a soft cloth or towel. To avoid the appearance of bubbles, you need to move from the center to the edge. If, nevertheless, bubbles remain, they will need to be punctured carefully with a needle, thus releasing air.
    Cleaning and care:
Under normal conditions, there is enough water for cleaning. For heavily soiled water, you can add a common detergent to the water. Do not use detergents and products containing abrasive substances and acetone.
    * Depending on the settings of your monitor, the color of the film on the screen may differ from the actual shade or color of the film.


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