True Mirror Finish Vinyl Fablon

90CM *10M

With our thick mirror film you can create crisp reflections nearly as good as the real thing. Simply apply to smooth surfaces such as glass or acrylic for an instant transformation which will create both light and space.
This Edit Product can be ordered in metre increments and will be sent as one roll unless requested to be cut otherwise. 

Please note the clarity of reflection is determined by the substrate you are applying to.  For the best finish apply to glass, perspex or acrylic.  Applying to wood, MDF, walls or any material that has any kind of texture, grain or fibre to its finish will impair the quality of the reflection.  Surfaces must be clean and free from any kind of dust before applying.

  • A high quality self adhesive material
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Waterproof
  • Extra thick for easy application
  • Protective face for application

This film requires a smooth surface to give optimum reflection.

With "Mirror Effect Foil" you can easily turn walls, floors or other surfaces into reflecting surfaces.

Decorative mirror film d-c-fix 215-0001. The thickness of the material is 200 microns. The tactile sensation resembles a thick foil rather than a film. The mirror surface is covered with a protective film, which must be removed only after the completion of the film sticker so as not to scratch.

This film can be applied to any smooth and relatively smooth surfaces: painted walls, wood, MDF, plastic, metal, glass. Please note this film is not tinted.

This material cannot serve as a full-fledged mirror, since when sticking on a smooth mirror surface, some shagreen effect appears. That is, the image is slightly distorted.

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