Traditional Paper

MG 3015
1220mm x 50m

What is the Self-Adhesive Sheets?

The Self-Adve Sheets are the high-quality finishing materials, which have various colors and embossing of the natural texture whose patterns are from cozy woods to soft leather, for creating the space that looks more natural.

3D Decorative Panel sheets feel more artificial, on the other hand the Self-Adhesive Sheets feel more natural and familiar because they have various patterns such as wood, metal, leather, stone, which are adhered to soft sheets.

They have good durability ,especially we received the highest ratings of eco-labelling and environmental-friendly building materials. So they are never detected any plasticizers which are harmful and any heavy metal such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.

They are flame proof products that could delay time of fire's progress and reduce toxic gases, and they have been validated from Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation.

These days, they are typical building materials that have been replacing sliced veneers, water or oil based paint, and wall paper in the field of architecture and remodeling.

Performance characteristics:

SOIF film is a relatively simple PVC film for construction. The back comes with adhesive, which can be pasted at bends and right angles. After the Boeing film is attached, you can plan, trim, and saw. The Boeing film is intact. Lossless. The advantage is that it is relatively wear-resistant, heat-resistant, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistant, oil-proof, fire-resistant and easy to clean, and cheap. After the decoration of Boeing film, the board can be used to make furniture speakers, mirror cabinets, plastic gussets, plastic steel doors and windows aluminum alloy Doors and windows, handrails. The physical surface treated with Boeing film can be scrubbed for a long time to keep the surface clean, and it can also be pasted on the finished furniture. Therefore, Boeing film is an ideal surface treatment material for indoor and outdoor decoration.

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